Publishing Life Review

Publishing Life is a training program that promises to help you make money by publishing audiobooks on Amazon. This program will help you set up ACX and KDP accounts and teach you how to rank your audiobooks. They will also help you choose a niche and suitable keywords for your target audience.

Publishing Life Review

Publishing Life is a training program that teaches writers how to self-publish their books on Amazon. The Mikkelsen twins, who run the company, have become well known for their success in this industry, and they have helped countless people to create their passive income streams. In addition to their training course, Publishing Life also offers various publishing services. The company has a high customer satisfaction rating, but there are some concerns about its business model. Read reviews for more information.

The Mikkelsen twins claim that their program can help people quit their day jobs and start earning a steady income from their books. They say that they have assisted more than 175 people in achieving this goal. However, critics have questioned the authenticity of these claims. They have also pointed out that many of the success stories featured on the company’s website are years old. In addition, some students have complained about the course’s high price tag and the need to pay for advertising.

Despite these complaints, the Mikkelsen twins have defended their training program as a legitimate business. They have also denied accusations of fraud and scamming. While they may not be scammers, it is important to research the program thoroughly before making a decision.

One of the biggest issues with Publishing Life is its high price tag. In addition to the cost of the training course, authors will need to spend money on advertising and outsourcing. This can add up quickly and make the program unaffordable for many people.

Another concern is the Mikkelsen twins’ use of unethical marketing tactics. They have been accused of overhyping their program’s benefits and using fake scarcity techniques to drive sales. This type of marketing is not uncommon in the business world, but it can be extremely harmful to consumers.

While the Mikkelsen twins have built a successful business through their publishing company, there are some concerns about the authenticity of their claims. In addition, the company’s refund policy is complicated and not well-defined. Many students have reported that they were unable to get their money back after signing up for the program.

Does Publishing Life work?

Publishing Life is a legitimate business that offers training on how to publish and sell books online. However, it is important to note that this type of business is not for everyone, and may require a significant amount of hard work and time to see results. In addition, publishing can be an expensive venture, especially if you are using outsourcing services. In general, I would recommend that you consider other options if you are interested in creating a passive income through writing.

Founded by Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen, better known as the Mikkelsen Twins, Publishing Life is a company that teaches students how to create and sell audiobooks on Amazon. The twins have built a reputation for themselves as online entrepreneurs who have created a successful passive income through their audiobooks. However, their claims have been questioned by many critics, and they are now no longer actively creating and selling their own books. As such, it is important to do your research before enrolling in the Publishing Life program.

The program offers a free training webinar, and the Mikkelsen Twins offer support and advice to students throughout their journey. The course also covers the basics of running an online business, including how to write a book proposal, find a literary agent, and market your book. In addition to the training materials, Publishing Life also offers a community of writers and publishers who can offer support and guidance.

Although the course is not a scam, it is important to keep in mind that the method taught by the Mikkelsen Twins is not new and has been around for years. In addition, it is important to remember that building a successful online business takes time and effort, and there is no guarantee that you will earn a full-time income from your audiobook sales.

While there are some success stories on the Publishing Life website, many of these testimonials are old and may not be as credible as they once were. In addition, many students have expressed dissatisfaction with the program on various online forums. As a result, I would not recommend that you sign up for the Publishing Life course. Instead, I recommend that you look for other programs that offer similar training at a more affordable price.

Is Publishing Life a scam?

Publishing Life is a business model that allows authors to earn passive income from their books. The company offers a range of services to help authors publish their books on platforms like Audible and Amazon. The company also offers coaching and support to help authors market their books and increase sales. The Publishing Life program is not for everyone, however, as it can be expensive and requires a significant amount of work. This Publishing Life review will look at the company’s business model, how it works, and whether or not it is a scam.

Publishing Life was previously known as Audiobook Income Academy, and claims to be the “evolution” of that course. Their marketing is full of outrageous claims such as being able to make thousands of dollars from one book, and using fake scarcity tactics to suggest that the price of their training will soon rise. Their previous training has been criticized for its poor quality, and their use of stolen content that led to their accounts on Audible and Amazon being banned.

Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen, the twins behind this training, have a history of promoting sketchy businesses and products. They are not scammers, but they do have a reputation for being misleading and aggressive marketers. They have also been accused of using illegal practices such as spamming and fake reviews to promote their work.

While the publishing life business model is legitimate, it is important to remember that building a business takes hard work and dedication. It is not a quick or easy way to make money, and it can be very expensive if you are not careful. There are also many other options for earning passive income, and it is important to research each option carefully before making a decision.

The Publishing Life program is an excellent choice for people who want to learn how to create and sell audiobooks. The program offers a comprehensive training course that will teach you everything you need to know about creating and selling audiobooks. The Publishing Life website is updated frequently, and the course includes access to a private Facebook group, coaching, scripts and templates, and more.

Final Words

Publishing Life is an online training course that teaches writers how to create and publish audiobooks. The course costs $2997 and includes lifetime access. The course also comes with a live coaching session 3 times per week and a private Facebook group for members to discuss their progress.

The Mikkelsen Twins, or Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen, are the founders of Publishing Life. They are known for their work on the Audible by Amazon business model, which promises true passive income. They went from aimless high school graduates to entrepreneurs in their twenties, and they believe that their training can help other people achieve the same results.

In addition to a podcast, Publishing Life offers a blog and a book. The blog accepts fee-free submissions of interviews, craft essays, and personal essays on writing; the book is open to fiction and nonfiction, as well as poetry, art, and cross-genre work. It is published twice a year, in November and June.

The website claims that Publishing Life is the only program of its kind, but it’s not clear how they distinguish their product from the many other self-publishing courses out there. Moreover, their refund policy is confusing. While the sales pages make it seem like you can get a full refund within 30 days, this is not the case. According to the full terms and conditions, you must have your audiobook published to meet the requirements for a refund. Additionally, the audiobook must be at least two hours long. This requirement isn’t mentioned on the sales pages, and it may be a reason for some people to steer clear of the training.